Neil Haas

The Lazy Orange

23 October26 October 2014


opening: 23 October, 4–10pm

YIA - Carreau du Temple, 4 Rue Eugéne Spuller - Le Marais, Paris

The Lazy Orange

All the vitamins are in the skin, but the quick fix of the flesh has a more pleasing texture, a one-way ticket into the transformative spectrum of the bruise.

Do traces of desire linger on the surface, denting the container with the weight of a thousand eyes?

The blinds, naturally, play with light and shadow too, shifting to temporal and spatial changes like a dark telescopic desire, never quite scorching the fabric of reality.

It is a corner of the paper that catches his eye. We are so used to our fast-paced existence being followed by mirrors and screens, that we search for reflections of ourselves in the images of windows and cardboard boxes.

But at a second glance, how do they speak to us – these remnants of consumed wanting, half-discarded but ripe with potential...?

This is the privileged realm of those who can peer through the beauty of the skin to sense the abstraction of the face behind it. The image that reveals more, always comes after.

The second-hand is given new life in a ritual of displacement, while the vintage bows under the gathered dignity of the past seditions, which might seep out with the disturbance of the contemporary touch.

Decoration is a spell we use to bind our attention to the objects of our past dreams. It is an incantation laid out over the surface, a starchy repetition to silence the wandering eye of desire.

This is the unveiling of one of art's histories: that there is more intimacy revealed in the way we look than in the ways we show ourselves. Pin it to the wall: the fullness of a glance