Caspar Heinemann

for EDENunlimited/tbc.tbc

21 September28 September 2014


21 – 28 September 2014
Opening: 20 September, 7pm

Alt Stralau 4, Berlin

A sound exhibition in collaboration with:

1857 – Norway (with Stian Eide Kluge),
Almanac – United Kingdom (with Caspar Heinemann),
Center – Germany (with Clémence de La Tour du Pin, Antoine Renard),
Frankfurt Am Main – Germany (with Gianluca Concialdi),
General Fine Arts – Germany (with Andrea Lukic),
M/L Artspace – United States (with Lena Henke, Marie Karlberg),
NO SPACE – Mexico (with Andrew Birk, Jaakko Pallasvuo, Ian Swanson),
Parallel Oaxaca – Mexico (with Oa4s),
Piper Keys – United Kingdom (with Lawrence Leaman, Jacques Rogers),
Rupert – Lithuania (with Nick Bastis),
SALTS – Switzerland (with Stefan Sulzer, Hannah Weinberger),
Tonus – France (with Jacent Varoym),
V4ULT – Germany (with Anna Mikkola, Hanna Nilsson).

A project by:
Clémence de La Tour du Pin,
Elise Lammer, Emiliano Pistacchi,
Antoine Renard.

EDEN is not exactly a rehab center

Gathering a selection of local and international non-for-profit spaces, presenting the works of 19 artists, EDENunlimited/tbc.tbc is a sound and words conversation between artists who don’t physically meet, using the natural resilience of sound to create overlapping narratives between a variety of works. Reminiscent of an old sanatorium, an existing dormitory is reworked as a communal space, where each work is integrated as a domestic element or fantasized therapeutic appliance. 13 project spaces are selecting artists whose work is freely set up (re-interpreted) with the aim to create one single soundscape. The interpretation of each sound work is devised after the original features of the space; somewhere between a rehab center, a hospital dorm or the sleeping quarters of a forgotten cult.

This exhibition represents the most uncomprehensive and less definitive inquiry on sound. The contributing art spaces were selected following a set of secret yet random criteria. Once invited, they were simply asked to provide a sound work as well as a visual element complementing or contradicting such work by an artist of their choice. The resulting exhibition takes shape following an intuitive work process between the artists and curators who initiated this experiment

Caspar Heinemann, Greek & Roman Mythology 2003: World Aquaculture & Apocalypse Narratives, 2014, A2 poster.