Yves Scherer

Evolution & Comfort

15 February08 March 2013

Almanac Projects presents Evolution & Comfort, the first solo-show by Yves Scherer, coinciding with the inauguration of their new space in Dalston Junction.

Evolution & Comfort aims to question the contemporary conception of products and how their perception is defined by the surrounding environment. Within the interior of the gallery, entities are caught in grooves of movement or stasis. Patterns of habitation collide, causing subjects and objects to intermingle. Using surfaces to refer different intensities of being, these processes produce a divergence from the object’s original function.

Skins present an engagement with the virtual nature of the information that shapes our experiences and our understanding of the world. Here, nature is abandoned and redefined in a new order of materials. Applying the surface languages of contemporary culture, the works reflect a concept of humanity defined only by a system of relations and functions, while dealing with intuitive experiences such as intimacy, safety and power.

Within the exhibition, fragments of our exterior lives become symptomatic of the time we live in. Without a wrinkle in today, the outside world crumpled over its edges… we find ourselves confronted with the idea of eternal youth.

Yves Scherer (1987, Switzerland) lives and works in London and Berlin. Recent shows include: Wanted, Project Space Royal College of Art, London; Nail Care, Times Bar Berlin and Unlimited GTI, an online project during Art Basel.
Him, was like the one thing that could not be changed

*So beautiful, anything else with what's left

Placing gaze in an abyss of perspex condensation

Bottled from natural springs

To quench a parched skyscraper

More refreshing than the truth

Of a room with a view, diluted by the sea

Now, why don't you get the water to drink

Hypnotic was her name, by choice not by any other

Untouched by man

She ebbed and flowed from online presence

Filtered by volcanic rock

Escape abated by the glass gates of a bell jar
Abandonment of intermingling

Lapping against chlorined infinity

Love is child's play

Screen to window to open veil, to spritz away

Once you've learned Obession

The heat of Armageddon

What begins here is real

His thirst to kiss, in subtle carbonation, hypnotic poison against her lips

Of artesian water

Encourage flooding to reverse a high rise


To a deafening distill

Fragrant Insolence

Saving lands' end


From world's end

Into Enternity*

Alex Turgeon

Mural, 2013, heavy gel

installation view

Baby we can travel the world, 2013, acrylic glass and water

Zarah, 2013, inkjet print, framed

installation view

Fructis Hardstyle, 2012, fake grass, wood, acrylic glass and hair gel

Jaguar, 2013, acrylic glass, mdf and camping mat

Jaggie, 2013, acrylic glass and electric heater

Jaggie, 2013, acrylic glass and electric heater