Samara Scott

Lonely Planet

06 November19 December 2014

Almanac is thrilled to present two solo exhibitions in Turin: Lonely Planet by Samara Scott and Parallel Pictures by Jason Gomez.

Both artists approach the life span of materials in their interaction with processes of decomposition and intermingling, through very different practices and conceptualizations. The two presentations were built up over a three-week residency period at Almanac Inn.

Lonely Planet emerges from Samara Scott’s research into ways of building up an image from live materials and migrating liquids. Through the arrangement of bounded puddles and staggered fields, the space becomes a petri dish for chains of material activation.

The integrity and recognizable attributes of substances are called into question by a polluted methodology of landscape art, creating layered vessels that can barely contain the tide of visual ideas.

The potential waves of association create ripples across these multi-colored scanner beds, allowing swarms of different textures to emerge with the shifts in seasons.
Not unlike a process of digital composting, objects are diffused onto fluid surfaces or sunken into undefined crevasses with each change in atmospheric pressure, whether applied by the artist or the environment.