Charlie Woolley

Postscript (p.s. I Love You)

15 March07 April 2013

Almanac is pleased to present Postscript (p.s. I Love You), a solo exhibition by Charlie Woolley.

Postscript (p.s. I Love You) engages with the vitality of images and objects created under duress and with the desire to evoke societal change. Two new series of windowpane structures and posters express the convoluted histories of everyday objects, combined with imagery associated with half-remembered revolutions and decay. Referring to monuments and memorials in relation to the building of communities, the works form a response to the question of how to communicate an intensity that is already dissipating.

The exhibition as a whole explores the internal logic of political aesthetics, in an attempt to navigate the reliance of radical groups on particular aesthetic codes. Testing potential spaces for the formation of collectivities, the works in the exhibition relate to the spatial and temporal dimensions of bringing people together.

In his practice, Charlie Woolley (London, 1981) departs from a close personal connection to London’s East End and the history of class struggle in order to explore the aesthetics of protest and the representation of social uprisings. Using a variety of media the artist creates palimpsests of society, exposing frictions between the symbolic languages of underground counterculture and capitalist consumerism.

Selected exhibitions include Acoustic Mirrors, Zabludowicz Collection, London (2012), We Have Our Own Concept of Time and Motion, Auto Italia South East, London (2011), Mysterious Cults, SPACE Studios, London (2010), How About Now, Sabina Lee Galley, Los Angeles (2010), All Cut Up, Roebling Hall Gallery, New York (2009).

The exhibition features a text by Rózsa Farkas and Harry Burke.

​from left to right: Proposition For Memorial (Yellow Chrysanthemum), Phrygian Bonnet & Digital Ivy, Proposition for Memorial (Pink Chrysanthemum), Bart's Intrigue, all 2013

​from left to right: Proposition for Memorial (Yellow Chrysanthemum), Not Forgotten, Phrygian Bonnet & Digital Ivy, all 2013

Proposition for Memorial (Pink Chrysanthemum), 2013 and Bart's Intrigue,* 2013

​Not Forgotten and Phrygian Bonnet & Digital Ivy, both 2013

​2010 Smile, and Proposition for Memorial (Blackberry), both 2013

​2010 Smile, 2013

Police & Hippies, 2013

​Proposition for Memorial (Yellow Chrysanthemum), 2013

Proposition for Memorial (Green Chrysanthemum), 2013

​Proposition for Memorial (Pink Chrysanthemum), 2013

all images taken by Nick Warner